Leading the way in home staging across Melbourne. At Arch, one size doesn’t fit all. We take the personalised route. All things considered. Human-centric design. Target demographics. Buyer analytics. It starts with knowing what purchasers want and why. It ends with styling your property around that. What will influence? What will showcase the home in its best possible light? What will sell? That’s what we know. That’s how we style.

We promised no fuss and we meant it.
Step 1. We Chat
Get in touch. We’ll discuss your space, styling needs and ideal timeline. From there, we’ll book a walkthrough. If you’ve got a floor plan handy, we’ll check that out too.
Step 2. We Meet
We’ll inspect the property, take photos, and measurements, answer your questions and start planning.
Step 3. We Quote
We’ll put together a proposal and quote for your review. Once we get the green light, the real fun starts.
Step 4. We Design
We’ll get to work behind the scenes to put together your design concept, plan the layout and select your furnishings.
Step 5. We Install
Transformation time. The second-best bit.
We’ll seamlessly set up the space so you can get to market as quickly as possible.
But that’s not all. We can move your existing furniture out, keep it safe in storage and then pack and move it straight into your new home when you’re sold. Win win.
Step 6. We Celebrate
The best bit. Deal done. Sale made. We’ll take care of the removal so you can hand over the keys.