Cat runs the show. A trailblazer in the property styling game.

After 9 years of home styling in inner-city Melbourne, Cat is no stranger to making homes feel as good as they look.

When it comes to selling real estate, Cat knows what’s up.

She knows that interiors influence the way we live, work, play and buy.

10 years’ experience in the real estate world and an unmistakable eye for detail, she brings a full-circle approach to styling for sale.

Cat’s distinctive way of identifying the 1%er’s that affect a properties presentation has garnered her a reputation for exceptional results. Paving the way for her clients’ success.

Forthcoming with actionable advice and an energetic, invested attitude to her projects, Cat is a breath of fresh air for sellers and their styling pursuits.

The kind of interior stylist that designs with intention – equal parts style and strategy.

The goal: sold stickers.

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